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Mobility Art

We provide the latest innovations in software development to businesses of all sizes and types. We work to make both present and future tasks easy for companies with life-changing products that work for, and with, companies and do not limit their growth potential. By providing professional software solutions that are easy to both affordable and easy to use, employees are able to engage with their customers and provide them the results they desire. Our software solutions are created by professionals that are inspired by their work and want to share their passion with the public

Mobility Art

At Mobility Art, we specialize in software development and solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our Talent Network attracts the top IT talent across the country, and beyond, that is properly trained for your specific project. Our talent works on a fixed price, fixed scope basis which means our talent incentives are based on completing assignments efficiently and accurately rather than simply billing additional hours to make more per project. Your team will consist of a project manager, product manager, designer, and other key software personnel that use their technical and business expertise to ensure startup product development methodologies are used on your project.

After a one-on-one meeting with you, the planning phase begins to create a Minimum Viable Product that includes user testing of the concept of the product. Release milestones are created to address key functionality that achieves the desired results. We also use agile processes, focused on fast results, to push new releases as scheduled so we efficiently achieve the designated design process milestones. We also examine user testing between each major release to validate the usability of the product as well as determine which features need to be adjusted before the next major release milestone. This process allows us to properly budget for the next major release while allowing enough flexibility to ensure the final product meets your specific business needs.

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